Products and Applications

Application Area

● Pesticide field, it is mainly used to produce trichlorfon, dichlorvos, methamidophos, phosphite, organophosphorus herbicides and glyphosate;
● Pharmaceutical field, it is used as an intermediate for the production of sulfadiazine (S.D), sulfapentamethoxine (S.M.D) and other drugs;
● It is used as a condensation agent, catalyst and chlorination agent in the dye industry;
● Phosphorus trichloride is also the main raw material of water treatment agent and phosphorus oxychloride.

About YaRong

Shandong Yarong Chemical Co., Ltd. is a new material enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of organic phosphorus flame retardants. The core products include phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus oxychloride, and organic phosphorus flame retardants. We have a complete domestic supply chain for the production of organic phosphorus flame retardants.

Shandong Yarong Chemical Co., Ltd

To build the world's largest production base of phosphorus containing flame retardants Nationallarae-scaleli thiume lectrolvte production base and salt chemical production base.

Tri (2-chloropropyl) phosphate TCEP
60000 tons/year
Tri (2-chloropropyl) phosphate TCPP
120000 tons/year